Rosalie (who has also published under the name Jessica) is a twenty-something fiction writer and essayist who has published in both English and Chinese. Her writing for The New York Times Chinese Website won a SOPA Award for Editorial Excellence in 2017, and her short story “Red Mask” (Shimmer 2016) was honorably mentioned in The Year’s Best Science Fiction and The Best Horror of the Year. She is an SFWA full member.

In the most recent decade of her life, Rosalie graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Comparative Literature, moonlighted as a pole-dancer in two Beijing nightclubs, tried and failed to get into medical school, and dropped out of a biology PhD program—before seriously pursuing her original dream of becoming a published author. These days, she works in the biotech industry by day and stays up way too late writing. She is an avid dancer and K-pop fan with many, many pets.

Rosalie was a 2020 Pitch Wars mentee and has returned as a mentor in 2021. Previously, she attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 2012.

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